The Free Fantasy Football Calculator is a tool to help you in your fantasy football draft.

We take the settings of your league and projections of player stats, and give you the values you should pay for each player in an auction draft (or the order you should draft players in a snake draft). Just put your league settings below and click Submit!

Coming Soon: during the season this website will be updated with year-to-date values based on their current stats. Come back to see make sure you get good value in your trades or and to scope out who you need to pick up off the waiver wire.

League settings
  • Teams
  • Auction dollars
  • Minimum salary
Roster spots
  • QB
  • RB
  • WR
  • TE
  • WR/RB
  • WR/TE
  • WR/RB/TE
  • K
  • DEF/ST
  • Bench spots
Point settings
  • Pass yards per point
  • Pass TD
  • Rush yards per point
  • Rush TD
  • Receiving yards per point
  • Points per reception
  • Receiving TD
  • INT
  • Fumble
  • Made FG
  • Missed FG
  • Made XP
  • Missed XP
  • INT (Defense/ST)
  • FF (Defense/ST)
  • FR (Defense/ST)
  • Sack (Defense/ST)
  • TD (Defense/ST)
  • Safety (Defense/ST)
  • Allowing 0 points (Defense)
  • Allowing less than 7 points (Defense)
  • Allowing less than 14 points (Defense)
  • Allowing less than 21 points (Defense)
  • Allowing less than 28 points (Defense)
  • Allowing less than 35 points (Defense)
  • Allowing more than 35 points (Defense)